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Chapter 10 First love

  • Shaun stopped murmuring after he was hugged by Sarah but his shivering continued.
  • ‘Hey. It’s okay... I am here. Just relax. Shhh... Sh’, Sarah kept on comforting Shaun while sliding her soft hand on his back.
  • Sarah’s mind had complicated thoughts. She always thought that Rose is making a big deal out of Shaun’s case. She even believed in one occasion that Rose told her about Shaun’s episodes involving sex to make her avoid him.
  • ‘I am so sorry Rose for doubting you and even made bad thoughts about you. So, you always handle this when it occurs?’, Sarah silently apologized especially realizing that Rose has always been a good friend to her.
  • Sarah instantaneously remembered what Rose said about ‘doing the right thing’. ‘Is she really okay that something will happen between Shaun and me? I should have declined to go to this far place or none of this would’ve happened.
  • And this guy seems okay, I don’t sense an indication that he wanted sex. Maybe he subconsciously only wanted to do it with Rose? Nooooo! What am I thinking? I should be happy about that.’
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