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Sex is You 2

Sex is You 2

Sleeping Gluttony

Update: 2021-06-18

Chapter 1 How about I eat you for dinner?

  • ‘Welcome to Morning Talks! Today we are joined by the mysterious author of the book Sex is You. Remember, he was here a few years ago for promoting his very successful book. Now, he is back to share another one of his masterpieces and tell a big announcement. Please welcome Mr. Shaun East!’, the host called Talk Master excitedly proclaimed.
  • (Sounds of applause)
  • ‘Thank you, Talk Master. Good morning to everyone in the audience and to all watching on TV. It feels good to be back.’, Shaun replied with a smile.
  • After sitting down, the Talk Master got to the questions right away that still gives him the feeling that he was being interrogated.
  • ‘Mr. East. You have been on hiatus for a long time. There were rumors that state you had a personal problem to take care of. Some people speculated that you went on several writer's retreats to write several books. What truly happened?’, the Talk Master asked.
  • ‘I appreciate the attention that was given to me from the time I got recognized for writing my first book until now. The people were right. I went full time in focusing on my passion for writing. After years of exploration and writing, I have written 7 books including Sex is You.’, he replied.
  • ‘Wow. 7 books. You know that a lot of people are anticipating to read additional works from you. The popular demand is actually the continuation of the book Sex is You. Fans strongly believe that the ending sounded to be the beginning of something. What can you say about that?’, the Talk master added.
  • ‘Thank you to all the fans. I wouldn’t have the courage and fuel to make these 6 books if not for the support that you have provided to me and my first book. Actually, of the 6 books, one of those is the Book 2 of my first book which is called ‘Sex is You: Dark’. The other 2 are light hearted as they are about nature. The remaining 3 are connected to my profession which is architecture. And that’s what my announcement is all about, in recent years, I have partnered with powerful people and we decided to start our own publishing company. To aspiring writers that want to try publishing their masterpieces, you can contact us on the details flashed on your screen. I will personally read all of the entries together with competent editors and beta readers. We already started operating 2 months ago and I can say that we are doing better than what we expected.’, Shaun excitedly said.
  • ‘I see. So, you are into the publishing business as well huh. Our researchers reported that the reason for the success of your publishing company is the Book 2 of Sex is You. Can you share a little bit about the second book of the Sex is You series so that people who haven’t got a copy yet can be persuaded?’
  • ‘Sure. The Book 2 of the series is quite dark as the title said. It tackles the aftermath of the extreme feelings of the protagonist for the woman he loved. I definitely spent more time writing this than the first book. I hope that the fans will like it. The two books about nature are a bit poetic. Those are the products of my exploration in the field of writing. For the remaining books, I wanted to share my understanding about the architecture industry so students and professionals of the likes can use it as well.’
  • ‘Thank you so much for being here Mr. East. I am confident that you will succeed in your endeavor. It’s nice to have you back. Now that you have a publishing company of your own, are we to expect more books from you?’
  • ‘It is my pleasure to be here. Your show has helped me so much in the promotion of my first book. Well, I hope so that I can write more books for the fans. My passion for writing will never die so I will try to bring more quality stuff. I will also work with other young talents that might make the next best-selling book. It is my goal to help brilliant authors spread their genius for the world to read.’
  • ‘Let’s give another round of applause for the comeback of Mr. East, everybody!’
  • (Applause!)
  • Shaun bowed towards the audience and waved goodbye. It was a really refreshing thing to do since it has been a long time since he got to be on camera.
  • At the backstage . . .
  • ‘Good work babe. There are two more shows that you will have to be a guest in today. After that, you are free for the rest of the week. What do you want to do so that I can arrange it for you.’, said Rose Mitzva, the golden-haired woman with a ravishing body and beauty.
  • ‘You are the best for me, babe. Maybe I can spend the night at your place then I plan to visit my daughter the next day. How does that sound?’
  • Rose just smiled at him and he can’t help but feel blessed.
  • After his guesting at the last 2 shows, Rose and he went to her house. It is quite funny because their houses are only beside each other.
  • There a lot of things that happened after being rescued by Rose, Dianne, Sarah, and his daughter. Sarah and he decided to remain friends while having mutual custody of their child. Dianne, with her outstanding performance, got her to the Director position at the second branch of Vulcan in this city. Sarah inherited early the pharmacy chains from her parents so she is quite busy during the time. Rose became his girlfriend and responsible for his well-being.
  • Shaun was able to recover slowly with the help of the people around him. His family in the province were initially worried about his health with only Rose as the attendant. Shaun persuaded them that he is already fine and only needs to adjust. He also told them that Rose is not his doctor anymore as she became his girlfriend. His family did not have much say in the matter because Shaun looked fine already. Besides, Rose reassured them that she will take care of Shaun. Dianne and Sarah also vouched for the couple.
  • Shaun’s family just wanted to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen anymore. But when they saw that Shaun is happily smiling with his daughter, his parents can’t help but give their blessing to have him start anew in life; not only for himself but for his daughter.
  • As for the arrangement that Shaun and Sarah agreed upon, his parents did not influence them or whatsoever about it. They only wanted everyone to be happy. Thus, sometimes, Sharah spends time with her grandparents and aunties for a few weeks.
  • Everything looks good. But Shaun has never been completely okay. His episodes are still manifesting but he can remain conscious throughout. The odd thing is, his episodes often involve having sex. The time that it happened again was during the time that he was writing the 6 books.
  • Rose was always there for him. Even Rose found it hard to categorize his case because what happens is his episode will have the uniform time of 11 PM but the new development is that he remains conscious every time it strikes. His body will convulse intensely if he can’t have Rose hugged naked and then have sex. He felt guilty towards Rose every time he did that to her. But she comforted him that it is essentially okay now that he retains his consciousness.
  • ‘Babe. Dinner is ready.’, Rose called out to me as he was sitting on the couch.
  • ‘How about I eat you for dinner?’, Shaun replied teasingly.