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Chapter 2

  • She is of the right size and shape! Just so unfortunate to be born in that world. She is really a true beauty. A rare beauty! A beauty that can't be described. And when devoured...oh, my God!
  • Oh, yes!
  • That's right!
  • When devoured...she could be in a room for weeks without being able to come out!"
  • He flicked his tongue in a seductive manner. He was sinking deeper and deeper into the lust ocean! And in a few minutes, he would be completely drowned! He was totally lost and was not ready to be found.
  • He placed his index finger on his lips as he traced the lines right there. He felt his soft lips as he imagined his lips to be Chen Lijuan's lips. That picture he had in his mind, was something he did not want to erase. He allowed himself to drown deeper and deeper as the heat began to form down there!
  • Jian Ying kept on drowning himself with the thought of Chen Lijuan right there at the back seat of the car and he couldn't stop himself. While thinking, he felt the blood in his body all moving rapidly to a particular area. He began to get a certain reaction "down there"
  • He was not thinking straight anymore, causing him to perspire all over and he gritted his teeth hard, to suppress the pain he was feeling. He really did not know what to say to himself at that minute.
  • That deep feeling right there, was even stronger than anything he had ever felt before in his life.
  • And in no time, he had drowned completely and there was no way for him to come out!
  • Jian Ying was dying right there as he clutched the leather car seat hard, like it would be ripped off in the next minute.
  • He was trying his very best to stop the moan from escaping. He had almost destroyed the car seat.
  • " really happening?!
  • Jian Ying?!! Mnnn...mnnn...fuuu...fuuu...mnnn"
  • He started taking in air. His nose wasn't getting enough of the air and then he switched with his mouth.
  • And right there, he received another shock of his life! He looked in between his thighs and then he...
  • "Wha...what is this?!
  • A bulge?!
  • Why?
  • No way!!"
  • "Wait! Is this for real?!"
  • Jian Ying hated himself at that very moment. Having such a reaction for the first time, after a really long time. He thought about all the years he had been alone without even thinking or reacting like that and wondered how a girl he just met could start up a flame like that. He began to worry about his future.
  • "What is that filthy girl doing to me?!
  • Jian Ying?
  • This is really serious! This is really serious!
  • How can I...I mean, how can I react like this for that...that girl?!
  • Is this for real?!
  • But why?
  • I don't understand!
  • It's... it's really swollen!"
  • Just...look at it, hm?
  • Jian Ying could not believe it. He saw how his member was rapidly growing in front of his very eyes and was shocked. He started asking himself questions while looking at his powerful body.
  • He asked himself, feeling displeased. His expression was something one could not really explain. But one thing was certain. It was dangerous!