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Chapter 3 Confess

  • "This is ---," I couldn't pick the appropriate words, so I scooped my private part, crossed my left arm to cover my chest, and finally bowed my head. Just the thought that everything in my head is a lie. I closed my eyes and counted to three. I counted to three to tell myself that he hadn't caught me and that I was simply hallucinating.
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • He was approaching when I opened my eyes, so I concentrated harder on closing them. I gasped as the scent enveloped my nose because I realized I was no longer dreaming. I bit my lower lip hard and slowly opened my eyes. When I finally understood what had occurred and knew where my eyes were, I saw him seated in a chair facing me. He sat like a monarch, upright, and his eyes were flaming. It’s the visitor's chair.
  • "If you don't answer, continue."
  • I didn't understand what he meant, and a question mark almost sprang out of my head to inquire what he supposed. I opened my mouth, and my jaw was about to drop on the floor when he laid his hand on his armchair and felt like he was ready to watch me.
  • When I glanced into his hazel eyes, it seemed as if they were taking me to another realm. My hands and body moved on their own. I raised my legs once more, my torso facing him even further, and rested my legs on the arm rest.
  • When I opened my legs, he only focused on my face. I, on the other hand, was restless. I started rubbing my private part. He in turn grabbed her chin and seemed to be starting to enjoy what I was doing. My heart is beating fast. Many horses race. Tom and Jerry even joined the race.
  • But while looking at him I was just conscious. If I could just be fired, I'd better make a request, wouldn't I? But this is the last time I can see him because I definitely don’t have a job tomorrow. When I thought of that my heart seemed to sink. I lowered my foot and saw him as if disappointed in what I had done. I played with my fingers and no longer thought I was naked now as he watched me.
  • I need to confess.
  • "I know you don't know how I feel for you." I closed my eyes as I confessed because I couldn’t bear to look him in the eye as I said this embarrassment of mine.
  • He didn't say anything and simply stared at me, as if he was bored. My head was drowning in shame as I convinced myself that no matter how much more discomfort I felt, I would simply keep airing it. I wanted to get up, but I knew it was too late. I waited three more seconds before telling him what I needed to say.
  • "Have sex with me," I whispered, gripping my palm, closing my eyes, and listening to my heartbeat. When I didn't get a response, I opened my eyes to see that he had calmed down and was peering at me. I kept going with my remarks. "If you fire me, please know that I have been watching you from afar for a long time and that.... As a last plea, I will be bold.”
  • "Push me if you don't want me to do it." I got up from my seat, walked over to him, then sat on his lap. As soon as I sat on his lap, I immediately wrapped my hand around his neck.
  • When he didn't push me, I took it as a sign that he had agreed to my request. I rubbed myself against him. I could feel his cock if it was reacting to me, but I was taken aback when he abruptly grabbed me and kissed me. When he turned to face me, I felt something bulge in my buttocks. When I felt that thing, I reddened immediately and seemed to burst with embarrassment. I rubbed myself even harder in response to what he was doing.
  • "Ngh!" I moaned as he stuck his tongue in my lips and battled with it like a sword. His saliva was warm, but his breath was chilly, and I could feel it right away. Perhaps he puts too much mint in his mouth since it is so fresh.
  • When he had to leave our kiss because he was out of breath, I licked his cheek, and he began to stroke my nipples. I was touching his cheek when he jerked his neck back to suck my nipple.
  • "Ahh...!" I can feel my wetness trickling from my pussy and I'm not satisfied. I left my seat with him, pulled everything off the table, and then laid him down. I showed him my sticky hole by separating my two legs. I enter one of my fingers, but it slides and is unable to satisfy the heat I'm having. “Ughh. I'd like more... Please fill me up with your huge cock.”
  • When I told him that, he raced to come to me like a hungry animal. He separated my legs even further, and I was afraid they might tear. I felt like hundreds of volts as he put his face on my pussy and caressed me. Because I was so sensitive to what he was holding, almost all of my liquid leaked out. His warm palms create electricity.
  • He devoured my pussy with his tongue like it was food. I'm not sure where to move my head while I play with his hair because even if he only uses his tongue, I'm afraid I'll cum. As I tinker with him, I increase the number of confessions I make.
  • "I had a dream that you were doing this to me before, and I had no idea that my dream would come true," I said as I plunged his face even deeper into my pussy. When I felt him come to a halt and let go of my legs, I lifted half of my body.
  • "Don't be regretful for provoking me," he murmured as he unbuckled his belt, lowered his pants, and let go of the cock that I wasn't sure would fit me. As he went on, my eyes opened as I looked at his huge cock.
  • "Don't be surprised if I violently assault this tight pussy of yours."