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Chapter 10 Slip between my legs

  • "J-just promise me... That no tape would be circulated..." I couldn't look him in the eyes when I said that. I couldn't look since I was reminded of another moment when I couldn't rescue myself. I know I'm digging my own tomb, but what can I do? I'm already here, all I have to do is respond. When I regret my decisions again, I hope there is someone who can help me deal with the sorrow. Hopefully, one day I will find the one who would never abandon me no matter what. Probably soon, the day will come when I will never be turned away from the person I love and pushed into the abyss.
  • He wrapped his arms over my leg and unfastened my ankle. I felt the cold as he carefully lowered me to the floor, but because his arm was warm, it vanished quickly. He also took the tie from my arms and hands. I instantly stood up, straightened my clothes, and was prepared to flee because my panties were soaked from pee. But, because of my frailty, I could not get away right away, and he swiftly put his hand around my waist and muttered.
  • "You're probably not intending to escape, are you?" he whispered in my ear, caressing his body behind me. It sent shivers down my spine. I pushed him because I knew what he was up to, and it wasn't good for me. My body needs to relax even just a little bit because I could get sick abruptly and my body will give up since I'm feeling heavy right now.
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