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Chapter 36 Jessica

  • Amanda
  • That morning he was pushing me with the ring issue again. I told him that we would discuss it again tonight.
  • "I need to talk to Troy's sister, I'm meeting Aiden at my parents regarding Troy's will. I'm signing a waiver, she had always been a sweet kid. And I...I need to know that she would be fine, and me arriving wearing another man's ring might be a bit too much." I was sitting on his lap while sipping on our second cup of coffee after we arrived back from dropping off Mable at school.
  • "Okay, so I guess you don't want me to accompany you then?" He was kissing my cheek while wrapping his arm around my waist.
  • "I'll go with Aiden, and Aaron said he would come if I needed him there. But I don't want to intimidate her by bringing too many people. So it'll be just me and Aiden." I put my cup and face him. My future husband.
  • I still couldn't believe that we were moving forward so fast.
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