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Chapter 32 Payback

  • Dale
  • "I had a really good time today...thank you..." she said resting beside me. We had just tucked in Mable after a whole day of mischief from both of them.
  • I let them had their fun, but now that the little princess had gone to sleep. It was time for payback. She had caught up on her sleep time by taking a nap with Mable, while I was finishing up on my paperwork downstairs.
  • "Well, the day isn't over yet." I rolled her over to her back.
  • Both of them were too wrapped up in their little stunts, that they didn't realize that they were making me annoyed.
  • The walking without waiting for me, the ice cream lunch, the little whispers about our adventure jar, oh...and obviously the daddy name-calling and the pants tightening pout on Amanda's sexy lips.
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