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Chapter 17 Staying at His

  • Amanda
  • It was not until an hour later that Bruce finally said goodbye. I could feel that Dale was staring at my back, while Jill was talking to me.  I was actually amused that their name was actually Jack and Jill, I thought that it was some kind of code like John doe and Jane doe.
  • "Jill, do you mind? I need to steal her a moment before I'm picking up my kid from school." He said as he wrapped his hand around my shoulder and rubbed my arm.
  • We were at his upstairs apartment minutes later, we had our breakfast and then we're having our second batch of coffee when he asked me again about my abusive experience with Troy. "I'm good, better now...I went to therapy but sometimes I need a good hard fuck with a side of dom to help me forget about him." I muttered to him.
  • I hated it when people asked about my previous abusive relationship with Troy. I get it, I was stupid for not getting out sooner, for letting him beat the crap out of me, over and over again. But they did not know the full extent and trying to explain how I actually feel was way complicated to be discussed over a casual breakfast talk. I've had months of therapy and it only fixed my outer shell, but on the inside I know I was still broken, it shows how Troy could still make me crumble from one short handwritten note. 
  • He was not pleased with my answer, I could tell when abruptly get up and gathered all the plates and put everything in the sink. He was clenching his jaw, I started to get up and was about to help him with the dishes when he pinned me to the sink. His forehead was rested against mine, his hands were on each side of my waist.
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