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Chapter 25

  • "Oh honey, you haven't gotten to the exact point. Go down...yes...that place. Hmm, best massager ever." Mrs Ben complimented.
  • "You really wanted me to stay. Isn't it?" Mr Ben asked.
  • "Of course. Isn't that obvious? You should stay with me and mostly the baby apart from Saturday and Sunday when you have free time. Today, you not going anywhere."
  • "I know you won't be the death of me soon!" The man sighed and continued his duty.
  • "Huh? Me? Be the death of you? Nope. I can't kill my husband. My husband with six packs at the age. You're so much incredible. After this baby, I will be going to the gym with you. I know those skinny girls must have been wooing you."
  • "Who will look after the baby?" Asked Mr Ben.
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