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Chapter 13

  • "Ste......Steven? How...did..yo....." She stuttered.
  • How did he know she's in Germany? How did he find her? How? 
  • "Did you miss me, step sis?" Steven's smirk was replaced with a grin, offering his hand out to help her up.
  • "Don't be afraid, darling. I'm not here to harm you." He added with sincerity in his eyes.
  • Kimberly still can't trust him even with those sincere eyes. He had done that many times without number when she was still leaving with the fool and his father. With those eyes, he'd beat her badly, slam her to the wall or even throw her to the bed and would nearly rape her but his father did come to his rescue and tell him to calm down.
  • It was a wish come true when she escaped from the wrath of her wicked stepfather and brother. That was the first time she had happiness, joy and relief since her mother died.
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