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  • His mind ran wild, having different thoughts but he waved them all off and decided to listen to Becky first. Becky was also surprised to see the look on Cain's face as she could feel it clearly and very well that it was that of fear, “It is...” She stuttered at first but immediately, composed herself, “It's actually not a letter but, some files. It is about a company of his in Croatia. I got it this morning when I went to work. He wants me to be his company new General Manager in Croatia, so...” She wasn't able to finish her statement when Cain interrupted her.
  • “What? In Croatia? Wait a minute, you are going to be transferred to Croatia?” He was searching her eyes as if urging her to say 'No' but, fate was kinda cruel on him. That moment, Becky nodded her head slowly in response.
  • “Yesss...” She replied aloud, but softly. Looking shock at the sudden outburst of her always calm boyfriend. She knew from the onset that, it wasn't going to be easy.
  • “Don't give me that fucking damn trash of a word, baby! Why are you joking?” Cain hollered, as he stood up and turned to Becky.
  • “I’m not lying to you. I swear, actually meant it. The documents is in my bag. I can get it right away if you still doubt me.” Becky said and tried to stand up but she stopped, as Cain raised his voice.
  • “You are not bringing it and you know what? No more arguments, you are quiting that lousy damn job! How dare your boss try to separate us?” He quarrelled and walked up to the stairs. He said it like her boss knew they were together. He suddenly stopped and turned to face surprised Becky, “I won't allow any work to take you away from me. No way!” He mumbled and continued on the stairs in a haste.
  • Becky was left dumbfounded on the sofa. It wasn't like she hadn't expect this but, expecting was quite different from experiencing it for real. This was the first time Cain would be raising his voice at her and it made her heart ached! Her eyes got teary and all the strength she had earlier seemed to have evaporated.
  • Cain was panting hard when he got to his room. It wasn't because he was tired, exhausted or fatigued but because, he was angry, furious and confused! He was extremely angry that darkness was literally emitting his crystal blue eyes, making it dull! But though he was extremely angry, his rational side was still with him and hadn't left him, so he knew well that he had raised his voice at Becky earlier. He really went to far.
  • He has never scream at her before, nor raise his voice at her . He hated to see her scared of him or sad! He would do everything to see her happy but today, he had shouted at her and he was damn sure she would be sad right at the moment, which caused his heart to bleed and, he wished to go back to her and say sorry but, he couldn't forget the fact that she would be leaving him soon. It vexed him to the core. Then confusion again, he should be happy because she got promoted as a General Manager but, not in the country.
  • She would be going to her place where, they might not be able to see for who knows how long?
  • Croatia was her home for sure and she had her families there. So, Cain knew more than anyone that she would be safe but, the cruelest thing was, how long he would have to stay without his love by his side.
  • He walked to the bed and threw the remote control in his hand toward the flower vase on the table, at the center of the room; breaking both the flower vase and the Remote control in the process.
  • “Argh!!!” He screamed holding his head!
  • While downstairs, Becky just sat there, confused. She didn't know what to do. This wasn't the first argument they would be having ever since they've been dating but, this was the first time he ever raised his voice at her and she was scared!
  • Scared that her relationship might go sour if she didn't do anything soon. She wanted to go to him and apologise but then, she decided to give him space to calm down on his own and at the same time, she decided to try to find a way to make things right between them again.
  • There was only one person she could speak with to at that moment and that was her child hood best friend, Anita!
  • Becky picked out her phone she had dropped earlier, when Cain shouted at her; and dialed a number.
  • Bruh... bruh...
  • It rang few times before it was picked, “Hey burnt head!” The loud sweet feminine voice of Anita, rang over the phone and Becky had to keep the phone away from her ears for the sake of her health. It was indeed, deafening.
  • “You've burnt something again right? Now tell me, what is it this time?” Becky asked, rolling her eyes. She doesn't need to be present to know Anita's actions.
  • “Off that, Becky! Just shut up and tell me the reason you called.” Anita snapped back, with a bit of a serious tone.
  • Anytime she called Becky a burnt head, Becky knew she already got a meal burnt. Anita was a bad cook just like Becky but the difference was, Anita always try to make food she knew nothing of. She got no exact idea and makes up her own recipes, as funny as it could be, she would end up burning them. Becky never gave that a try. She hated the food experiment and feared she might make up a poison, all in the name of trying things. Becky was okay with the two food she could prepare and she wouldn't try forcing herself to learn more.
  • Anita food experiment was, spaghetti pie. It was almost perfect but as usual, things must go wrong.
  • Becky wanted to mock her friend more but, she had her problem too and wanted help as fast as possible, giving her no room for mockery.
  • “I need your attention now... can I come over to your place?” She asked with a low soft solemn voice.
  • Anita kept quiet for a while, “What's wrong with you, girlfriend? Are you well? But it's late you know?” It was obvious she was worried and that was clear in her voice.
  • “Please, i can't now. Let's see!” Becky requested.
  • “I don't have a man over, okay? Come immediately then! Be careful while you drive.” Anita replied and the call ended!