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Chapter 3 Late For Work

  • The fastest wins...
  • Sleeping in the bed and rolling around like a little baby was Becky. Her alarm had been ringing for a while now, but she refused to stand up. She would pick the alarm, end it and sleep again! She was still sleepy.
  • “Baby…” Becky called slowly as she searched the bed with her hand, “baby, say something…" She called again, still searching the bed with her eyes closed. Finally, she opened her eyes and searched the bed, but realized the bed was empty.
  • She sat in the bed and looked around the room, but she still found no one!
  • “Where are you?” She called out and climbed down the bed. She was in only her panties, but she didn't care. Furthermore, she walked toward the bathroom and rested her ears on the door to listen If anyone was inside, but there was no one. To confirm, she opened the bathroom door and checked every corner of it, but Cain really wasn't there.
  • She left the bathroom and went back to the room. She ruffled her hair and let out a deep breath, “Where could he have gone to? Or did he leave without waking me up?” After a while, she replied herself, “I don't think so!” She said and sat in the bed again, feeling a little disappointed. “But… can he be in the kitchen cooking for the two of us? He can't leave for work without telling me, right?” She asked no one in particular but, she stood up again, walked up to the door, opened it and left the room.
  • She hurriedly climbed down the steps and rushed to the kitchen, but she only met an empty cup of coffee on the table! What was happening?
  • “He drank Coffee before going to work… did he leave already? But why so early?” She was perplexed.
  • Becky and Cain had been dating for three years, and she had lived with him for over a year already. He would always wake her up and say 'Bye' to her before leaving to work! And it made her wonder the change after the previous night.
  • She had her job too, but she always resumed a bit later than Cain. So, she would still sleep for a while even after Cain leaves for work! But why did he leave so early today, and he did not even wake her up? She was confused and worried! Was there an emergency? He did not drop any note for her. She observed!
  • Becky was still deep in her thought, with her back rested on the kitchen door when, she heard a knock from the door.
  • “Come in!” She answered lazily.
  • The door opened and a slim girl with a blonde hair, corporately dressed, she looked prepared for work, entered and was all smiley as usual.
  • “Hey babes!” She called cheerfully!
  • “Hi Anita! Good morning!” Becky replied, looking more confused than earlier!
  • Anita scanned her friend and frowned, “Oh girl! You're not dressed? What have you been doing?” Anita asked, pointing to Becky, who was only in her panties with a tensed look!
  • “Why are you looking at me this way, Anita? It's still too early for me to be dressed, and why are you even here so early? Do you have a presentation today at the office?” Becky asked as she walked closer to her friend.
  • Anita eyes nearly popped out of it socket in shock! Like… what the heck!
  • Anita wrapped her hands over her breast as she shouted furiously, “Like seriously? Oh, girl! Really! Didn't you check your time?.... We are fucking late, and you are here telling me it's still too early to get dressed! Ugh? I'm getting out of here, bye!" She added and turned to rush out of the house, but Becky stopped her.
  • “Wait girl! What is the time?” She asked, looking all agitated!
  • “It is… But hold on, you have clocks here! Will you check your time?” Anita replied as she turned and rushed back to Becky.
  • She held Becky's head and turned her head to look at the time on the wall clock.
  • Becky's head buzzed as her whole body jolted involuntarily! “What the heck… What?” Tears almost formed in her eyes when she realised, she only had ten minutes to get to the office or, she would be scolded for getting to the office late.
  • “What have I been doing? How come I slept so much?” She asked herself before turning swiftly and rushed toward the staircase!
  • She took no stop until she got to the last step and ran as fast as she could inside her room! She searched her clothes and picked a random Trouser and shirt before rushing into the bathroom. How did she sleep so deep?
  • Becky entered the bathtub while panting hard, but, that didn't bother her one bit! She bathed so fast and was out in no time. Anita, on the other hand, roamed the sitting room, restlessly.
  • Becky didn't even massage her lotion well as she used to before dressing up. Her head was just spinning as she kept thinking, “I was busy blaming Cain that he left without telling me. He must have tried to wake me up several times before leaving but, I was too lost in sleep that I didn't even know what was going on!” She recalled hearing her name, but only smiled and turned back to her pillow. “He used me so much last night, Gosh! I better warn him to always go gentle on me anything I'm supposed to work the next day” She kept spouting all sort of words as she dressed quickly and did light make up. She brushed her hair and packed it properly in a ponytail, before wearing her black heels. Then she picked up her bag and rushed out of the room.
  • “Girlfriend, I'm done! Let's hit the road.” She shouted as she climbed down the stairs, skipping some!
  • “Thank Goodness! I was expecting you in an hour time.” Anita teased and stood up from the sofa. She picked her bag and walked out to the door, “Shall we?" She asked Becky, who stood by the sofa, panting hard.
  • “Ye… Yess…” Becky replied and followed her friend.
  • “Let's use my car. I'm driving!” Anita offered, seeing the condition of her friend.
  • “Okay, okay!” Becky readily agreed, she even forgot to carry her car keys so no need to refuse, and they both entered the car. After which Anita started the engine, and they drove out of Cain's compound.