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Chapter 2 Why Not Marry?

  • Imperfections...
  • Becky already knew Cain's parent, and they had accepted her as their future daughter-in-law, even treated her as their daughter. But Cain was yet to meet her parents because they lived in another country.
  • “Let's go and meet my parent, Cain. They are eager to see who I have fallen in love with.” Becky said to Cain while playing his the hairs on his chest, as she laid on him on the sofa.
  • The words trucked like a bullet! Although, Cain loved Becky so much and wanted to marry, he had always wished to marry her soon, so they could become one. But, the word ‘Marriage’ still struck him hard, and his fear of being enough for her family scared him. From Becky, he heard of several men she loved, but her parents always find fault in them.
  • Meeting her parents' means they would have to arrange their wedding soon, or the marriage preparations might come to an end. Another thing was, the word ‘Marriage' scares him. He would become her husband, yes. The word husband sounded sweet to his ears, but, he couldn't take away the heavy feeling he got anytime they discussed Marriage.
  • But he knew better that telling Becky such trash would only make her sad and unhappy, even still, he might lose her forever! And that was the last thing he wanted from her. He stood up and headed to the bedroom, and Becky followed.
  • “Humm… Your parents right?” He stammered a bit, pretending to be okay with it while also, forcing a smile.
  • But Becky knew him well and knew he was bothered. She knew he was pretending to be okay while he was not, “Baby, what is wrong with you?” She asked as she crawled up to him in the bed and sat beside him while staring into his eyes.
  • Cain, quickly diverted his eyes to avoid contact with hers, “Nothing, baby. I'm okay!” he said, still keeping his fake smile.
  • “I know you too well, baby, and I know you are not okay. Why is that? Are you not happy with the thought of meeting my parents? Don't you want to marry me? You don't love me anymore? Are you scared they might not accept you?” She asked numerous questions at a time, but it was all spoken maturely. She was feeling down, and her eyes could tell she was tensed, but, her voice was still sweet and calm. Likewise, she hated to shout on him.
  • Cain frowned a little at her questions and looked at her with a creased brow, “How could you think that? Why won't I be happy to meet your parents? Baby, you know I love you with all my heart, honey! So, what are you saying?” He was angry at himself for making Becky worry and felt disappointed at Becky for asking those questions, but, he was to be blamed.
  • “You can't deny the fact. Your mood changed immediately I mentioned meeting my parents. I know you are not happy about it, or maybe you don't love me enough for marriage. Might be you don't even want me as your wife!" She said feeling rejected and sad. And it struck him hard. What if she was telling the truth after all.
  • She sounded desperate. Yes, she was desperate. They've been dating for three years now, and they were yet to take their relationship to the next level. Her friends were getting married, but she was yet to receive a proposal ring from her Man, and it was starting to make her feel insecure!
  • “Come on! You should stop saying that, Becky. You know how much I love you and how hungry I am to have you as my wife. To have you all to myself and announce to the whole world that you are mine. My countenance changed because there is a lot of work at the office right now that I need to round up before month ends.” He lied, but it felt like she was falling, so he continued, “By next month, I have three different business trips I must go. There are too many work on ground baby, and that was the reason for my mood swings. It wasn't the fact that I would be meeting your parent that made me so. I am truly sorry I got you all tensed.” He explained like a gentleman while giving her a sincere look, trying to persuade her to believe him. The last thing he wanted at that moment was his girl getting mad at him.
  • His words seem to have calmed her down as a pretty smile was slowly forming on her face, but, she suppressed it back because she still had more questions to ask him.
  • “So, will you visit my parents when you are free?” She asked him with a cute pout.
  • “Yes, baby… trust me. I will!" He assured and touched her chin. He thought that by the time he was done, truly, he would be ready to meet her parents. “You know I love it when you look like a cute puppy?” He teased, and she pushed his hands away, pretending, “You make me want to have you right now” He said lustfully and bit his lower lips. He was trying to seduce her.
  • Becky finally smiled! She wanted to talk, but she completely lost her tongue as she continued staring into his crystal blue eyes. They were beautiful!
  • “I love you!” Cain muttered and planted a light kiss on her forehead and, then, on her lips.
  • Becky blushed, but felt disappointed at the same time. She wanted more of the kiss, but she wanted to avoid asking for it!
  • “You are naughty!” She said as she stood up from the bed.
  • “I'm going to cook something for us!” She said, while walking to the door.
  • “Okay!” Cain replied, feeling satisfied.
  • Becky smiled and made to open the door when she was suddenly stopped.
  • “Wait baby!” She heard him and began to wonder what went wrong, or he wanted her for food instead? She immediately stopped but did not bother to turn back, seemingly hiding her red cheek!
  • Before she knew it, a hard, warm hand wrapped around her tiny waist, and he planted a few kisses on her neck, “Be fast with the food, baby. Even the boss is hungry.” He said and squeezed her gently before letting go. He strolled back to the bed while staring at Becky alluring shape.
  • Becky froze. She didn't expect that so soon but, she couldn't deny, she didn't like it either. In fact, she loved it, and it was undoubtedly what she wanted. Lol.
  • She giggled quietly and quickly opened the door before rushing out. She slammed the door behind her!
  • “Oh My! This silly baby of mine wants to kill me!” She said while blushing and rested her hands, on her pounding chest.
  • She rubbed her face as if to clean the blush, before rushing down the staircase.
  • Furthermore, she stood by the kitchen, staring at the wooden table, and started to think about which food would cook faster. Not only that, but she was not ready for much work, as she couldn't even cook well!
  • “Should I make noodles? Rice? Or should I just order for Pizza?” She thought out, loudly.
  • The only food she could cook were noodles and rice! Well, rice and stir sauce. And chopping carrots and so on was a stress.
  • She looked at everywhere and decided to pour juice for him first while she ordered for either prepared food or Pizza.
  • She opened the fridge and brought out a very chilled juice, which she poured into two glasses.
  • “I will settle for the ghost of you, dum dum dum dum. I miss you more than life!” She kept singing Justin Bieber song while adding her own weird beat and swaying her waist to it as she cleaned a tray and put the two drinks on it.