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  • Location: USA
  • On ​the other side of the world, its morning. There are two people, most specifically two lovely girls in a beautiful mansion with a lot of servants. The first servant comes in, to the living room area to give the news that the given instruction has been successfully completed. "Young mistress your bags have been packed as instructed. Should I get them down?
  • Just then another servant rushes from the kitchen towards the two pretty ladies, "Young mistress, your juice is ready. Which juice would you like to have?" Just then the third servant comes in from the front door, "Young mistress the vehicles are ready. Which vehicle would you like to travel in?"
  • The fourth servant comes in holding a phone out, "Young mistress, Sir said he would be sending you a vehicle at the airport on your arrival. Which vehicle would you like to be sent?"
  • One the pretty girl with brown hair and brown eyes turned around towards the servants and answered the questions. "Yes, please bring the luggage down. I'll have mixed fruit without ice and sugar. I'll be taking my F1 car. Ask him to send an SUV at the airport."
  • The servants nod and disperse out to carry out the given instructions. Soon they were done with their work. Just then another girl with blonde hair and blue eyes walks in, "Oh god how long are you going to take? Do fast darling!" The brown hair girl shouts back smilingly from the table, pitting her juice glass down, "Please Kayra! it's not even that long!"
  • Kayra chuckles," Yes, I know. It's just fun to irritate you." The brown hair girl just pulls a face and sticks her tongue out. "Always teasing me." Kayra just chuckles while taking a seat near her on the table.
  • "Tell me Kayra, would you come to meet me in the future? I would miss you badly." The brown hair girl asks. To which Kayra replies," Of course I will. What kind of a question is that even. Now! Would you move a bit faster? Else you would be running late."
  • The brown hair girl nodded her head. "I'll miss you tons and hopefully we will be together soon." To which Kayra replied with a smile and nod," Yes, we will."
  • Next day
  • Location: Mumbai
  • In the beautiful mansion a woman in a brown dress walks up to the second floor, right farthest bedroom. She walks in to see her grown up son still sleeping, snoring off even after the sun has gone up high in the sky. She shakes her head and walks towards the black satin covered bed to wake the young man up. "Good morning son! It's time to wake up." She shakes him up a bit but he unfortunately doesn't respond.
  • This time she shakes him harder, "Karthik wake up! The sun is already high in the sky. Wake up!" This time he moves slightly then snuggles back up into the pillows and mumbles something. "Huh? What did you say? I didn't understand." The mother asked him shaking him again. This time he replied, "5mins mom".
  • "No 5mins Karthik, its already 11:30am, wake up" his mom tries to wake him up. But he just hmmed and went back to snoring. "What am I going to do with this boy" the mother sighed deeply and muttered to herself. She leaves the room to find her next batch of kids. Though technically she isn't their mother but since their families and her family are close to each other, somehow it ended up being that the kids irrespective whose, are kids of all.
  • She walks down to the ground floor to find 4 young adults excitedly waiting for her son. When they see that only she came down one of the young man asked her, "Nyonika mom, where is Karthik?"
  • "He is still sleeping. I tried my best to wake him up but he sleeps like a log." The young man that spoke to her, turned around and spoke to the other young man, "Let's go Yash, we will wake him up." To which Yash put on a confused face and asked him, "But how?" This made one of the young woman to slap his back and retort, "Obliviously in Fabulous 5 style!" Yash looked at her with his mouth gaping. "Seriously? Like in Fabulous 5 style, Alya!?"
  • Alya chuckled at his reaction, "Yup! Why? You getting jealous?" The question made Yash shake his head in a no real quick. "Nope! No! Not at all. I am just unable to picture it happening" he said giggling hard. The thought even made Nyonika laugh as well. "Let's go Maira, we need to fill a bucket of water as well." said the young man.
  • "You sure Karan? We gonna need bucket of water?" Maira asked the young man, Karan. "Yup" he replied.
  • Yash pitched in saying he would bring the camera to which everyone agreed while giggling.
  • After a while everyone gathers in the sleeping boy's room ready with all their equipment. "On my count of 3 okay?" Alya asks them and they all nod to a yes. Karan sets the camera in such an angle that the whole room is covered and the prank that they are about to pull is crystal clear in recording. Alya does a countdown. "3..2..1" And the water goes splash onto the bed.
  • They all burst out laughing and quickly turn back to run out of the room only to be having a good splash of ice cold water onto them.
  • Alya screams, "What the actual freaking hell!"
  • That's when they all hear the source. Karthik.