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Chapter 20

  • "Hello, please forgive me, Mr. Trustee, your attractive sister is now my staff assistant for your kind information. Remember the commands you gave?" By teasing him, Aarnav mocked him.
  • “Nooo” The Trustee grumbled, and when his younger sisters observed his movements, they laughed.
  • Fab5, on the other side, instead talked about how they could bypass the penalty because it was their first cleaning.
  • "Why is the man so rigorous, Gosh?" Karan picked up his broom, And whined.
  • picked up his broom, And whined. "He isn't stringent, however. He's only that-" When Karthik interrupted her saying, "Hot correct", Maira glanced at him, raising an eyebrow at him. "He's very hot, this is what you said right?" Karthik asked her again. “Umm.. haha ya!” She replied smiling sheepishly.
  • "What's wrong with you, Gosh Mai? For God's sake, he is our teacher." Yash stated that, he was shocked at Maira.
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