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  • Aarnav Oberio, her prince charming, has been a source of persistent admiration for Maira, who is the complete opposite in this regard. Her first impression of him was that he was quite attractive. ' Omg! Please, Maira, restrain yourself. I mean, look at him—your he's professor, dammit!'
  • When Aarav spoke up, her line of thinking got derailed. "I've already decided on the penalty. Naina and Ishaani will conduct a session on Shakespeare poems at our university's upcoming literature festival while Fab5 cleans the entire canteen. And for the next two weeks, Ananya will serve as Mr. Aarnav's assistant. Is everyone on the same page here?"
  • "Excuse me, sir," says  Alya by raising her hand to interject between.
  • "Yes, Arav," Aarav inquired.
  • "Sir, I believe it's unethical that only Fab5 is subjected to physical punishment." Alya made a point of speaking her thoughts in the hopes that she would be held accountable along with the rest of the group.
  • "Do you think Shakespeare's poems are simple to understand?" Aarav asked her a question with a smirk, knowing the answer he would get.
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