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Chapter Twenty-Two: In Her Room

  • “But Duke Heilwig. We don’t plan on staying —” Aurora quickly butted in, but Father Azrael raised a hand on her.
  • “Aurora.” He slowly shook his head and then brought his attention back to the duke. “I have already prepared a place for us to stay tonight, Duke Heilwig. It is a hotel not far from here. But, we can stay here until dinner,” he informed.
  • “Oh... I see. I was just thinking if Aurora would like to stay in her old house. Maybe she might remember some memories in this place.”
  • Aurora’s chin lifted. But, of course! That’s actually a great idea she had not thought of herself. She would love to stay and ask about the family portrait and of course, about her father and mother.
  • Father Azrael went to glance at her, who sent him a silent ′yes?′
  • “We will have to discuss that matter later, Duke Heilwig,” he then answered in finality after contemplating it for a second.
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