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Chapter Twenty-Three: Tear-drenched Heart

  • Later in the evening, Aurora made her way down to the parlor without any help. She didn’t wait for Father Azrael to come and fetch her upstairs nor did she wait for the lip-pierced man to inform her that dinner was ready. There was a kick on her feet that she wanted to browse the house alone, especially the parlor where it had the only family portrait of her parents and her.
  • The door was half open when she reached the room so she nudged it gently and in she went. There was fire burning still in the hearth, but there was nobody inside. Consciously, she glanced at the shadowed area where Eriol hid earlier. ′Good. No lurking man in there now,′ she thought.
  • For quite some time, she stood in front of the painting; staring at it with great concentration. “Dad... mom...” she uttered faintly, breaking into sobs, then tears suddenly rolled from her eyes. Her heart felt like it was being squeezed out real good. Yes. She was an adult, but that doesn’t mean that she has a calloused heart. That doesn’t mean that she was not missing her parents.
  • Patting her eyes dry, she inhaled in deep, slow breaths. Now, she was more than determined to know about her family and of course, the demon mark on her neck.
  • When Aurora intuitively found her way into the dining room, she found Duke Heilwig already sitting in the center master chair. There were a number of vacant seats available, but she set her eyes in a chair where a dining set was readied. This was at Duke Heilwig’s left side. Opposite hers, in the duke’s right, there was a readied set also, which she assumed was for Father Azrael.
  • “Ah, Aurora! Come! Come! Take a seat,” Duke Heilwig expressed by the time he noticed her inching forward in the rectangular table.
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