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Chapter Twenty-Four: Your Current

  • “We will be going now, Duke Heilwig,” Father Azrael stated after much of the emotional roller-coaster has gone. Aurora’s questions were answered, and she was pleased with it. His question was answered, but wasn’t pleased at all as the duke’s answer wasn’t the one he was hoping for. He will have to find a way somehow... maybe summon the root of it all, Khronus, IF the ancient demon was alive, but he wasn’t; his very existence wiped out because of the very electricity Father Azrael could create in his hands now.
  • Yeah. That’s always the flaw of stepping outside the boundary of the demon realm — disintegrating into ashes — unless, of course, their soul would be transferred to a human body which was Cirrus’ case in the past.
  • “Are you sure you won’t be staying here tonight? You know this is Aurora’s house too, you two can stay here for as long as you like,” Duke Heilwig stated, the thought of having Aurora stay in the villa filled him with delight.
  • Aurora glanced at Father Azrael, awaiting his approval. He was the one who holds their schedule, so he has the last say of the matter.
  • It didn’t take much for the priest to see her nervous anticipation. He knew quite well that she would love to stay longer.
  • “No, we won’t, Duke Heilwig,” he replied, “but Aurora can stay here for two days starting tomorrow. We just need to buy some personal necessities tomorrow morning and be back by then.”
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