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Chapter Twenty-Eight: As Nature Dictates

  • It was after their lunch that the group parted their ways. Collette and Eriol had to go to another place, while Father Azrael and Aurora had their own plans for the remainder of the afternoon, so it wasn’t expected that they will convoy together going to the villa.
  • They picked up their clothes at the laundry shop just along the road and headed for the Clave Estate right after. While Father Azrael was driving in the highway, Aurora decidedly asked him her question. She was sitting in the front seat, looking at him as he held the steering wheel with proficiency.
  • “Cirrus, when is your birthday?” she asked straightforwardly.
  • Moving his head to look at her, he gave a raised brow then. “Why the sudden question, Aurora?” he said.
  • “Ah, nothing...just wondering. I don’t know how old you are too.”
  • Cirrus grinned when she expressed that, finding it cute that she was curious. “What do you want to know Love? How old I am as a demon? Or how old I am as a human?”
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