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Chapter Thirty: Your Advice

  • ′Eriol and Collete! They are-?!′
  • Aurora shouted out aloud in her mind. Her thoughts turned upside down with what she was seeing. Never had she expected that the young sweet Collete would be like that. she was behaving like a wanton woman. Eriol too, looked different. He seemed like a dangerous dark criminal.
  • She quickly extracted herself out of the open door and ran as fast as she could to wherever her feet could take her.
  • In the room, Collete was oblivious that her cousin just saw her in a rather lewd state. It’s as if she was in a trance, locked in her own world of raw lustful pleasure. Eriol noticed Aurora however, and he plastered a devilish grin on his face as he saw her darting out of sight. His eyes glowed a bright red thereafter.
  • After a minute of running, Aurora finally found Cirrus’ room. She was already panting when she reached in front of the door. Dry was her mouth because of it.
  • ‘Oh, great! I can’t get that picture out of my head!’ she shouted.
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