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Chapter Thirty-Three: Insect To Kissmarks

  • Sardinia, Italy
  • Years Before Aurora was Born
  • “You are lucky that a high-class demon answered your call,” a male conjurer stated as he stared at a priest sitting across him in a wooden stool. In his arms, a baby boy was sleeping soundly, eyes closed and with wet hair due to the amniotic fluid. Yes, the baby had just left the womb of his mother through the help of the conjurer.
  • “I am...” the priest answered calmly, finally at ease with what had just happened. Dabbing his forehead with a white handkerchief, he let out a brief grin, looking at the baby in the conjurer’s arms. “I didn’t expect that Asmodai himself will be summoned. Now... the demon is bound to my biddings. I can definitely use him to solve the curse of the Clave Family.”
  • “Huh! You are one wicked priest, Father Luizmart,” the conjurer commented, giving the priest a leer.
  • “So says the wicked conjurer,” replied Luizmart. He stood up and took his brown sling bag from the floor and neared him, still staring at the newborn. “For the meantime, I want you to take care of the child. Priests are not allowed to raise a baby. I don’t want the brotherhood to get suspicious of me too.”
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