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Chapter Thirty-Seven: Red Flag - Part 3

  • The pitter-patter of the rain outside the roof was a perfect match with Aurora’s quivering heart. If there was an ECG machine near her, danger would be the most readable result; especially that Eriol kept on pressing his advances on her. This time, he was shoving the flimsy nightgown down her abdomen to provide himself a gorgeous nude display.
  • Such lovely breasts she had and he wanted so much to suckle on them. He drew his head down and poised himself to do so, but he was stopped abruptly when Aurora’s bedroom lights flickered madly.
  • What the—? Eriol went still and focused on what just happened.
  • Surely, Mammon had been playing a rough game on the exorcist priest. But, why was it now that he could feel the black demon’s life essence slowly dying?
  • Shit. The priest probably was stronger than what he had imagined. For him to exorcise a high-class demon such as the demon of avarice, he must have quite good techniques up his sleeves. And what’s this new demon aura he was feeling now? It was surprisingly emitting great power. He was curious about it, but realized that its presence sure wasn’t a good time.
  • Tsk. This is not good. Definitely not good.
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