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Chapter Thirty-One: Dangerous Dream

  • Luizmart Apartment
  • Years Before Aurora was Born
  • “It’s true! I am not hiding anything!” Father Luizmart screamed as two tall men in white robes seized each of his arms.
  • He was back against the wall, excessive sweat gathered in his neckband. His limbs were trembling and he had panic-stricken eyes.
  • “We, however, don’t think it is so, Father Luizmart. Judging from the books here and outlining your frequent visits with a conjurer, you are doing something fishy... something that smells trouble,” the newly-appointed Cardinal Cinzia stated, the disappointed crease in his forehead even more prominent now. He eyed some of the books; most of its titles were about demonology, how to do a summoning, demon names and powers, and how to become a Master of one. It looked like Luizmart was doing some research himself.
  • It was enough evidence already for the Cardinal to suspect the priest of doing something beyond their avowed duty.
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