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Chapter Thirty-Nine: Jumping Through Space

  • “Why are you looking at the pond?”
  • Aurora batted her eyelashes when she heard a little girl ask. She was sitting in a wooden bench, conveniently located near the man-made fish pond. Around the pond, there were tall slender trees and cobblestone pathways leading to different areas of the grassy park.
  • The little girl was standing at the left side of the bench. She was holding a pack of fish crackers, munching at the sticks while looking curiously at Aurora. She had a ponytail braid hair and wore a green headband. From the looks of it, the girl was about eleven or twelve years old.
  • The presence of the girl bewildered Aurora for a moment. She scanned the whole area as if she was looking for something...something that she could deem striking, but she looked lost, confused...not being able to recollect where she was and why she was here.
  • “I—I don’t know...” she replied, glancing at the girl with a blank expression.
  • “Oh, I thought you were admiring the reflection of the moon in the pond, Miss,” said the girl, still munching on the fish sticks. What a nosy little girl she was, but Aurora found her presence comforting.
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