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Chapter Thirty-Eight: Demons in Battle

  • Raphael gripped Eriol’s right elbow to halt him from escaping. The contact of their skin immediately brought about an unsavory reaction. The feeling was like hydrochloric acid in a kitchen tile full of mold, mildew, and grime; letting out a thick smoke that was extremely pungent.
  • By the time Eriol saw who was holding his elbow, there was a neon blue circle that appeared around them on the floor. Inside the circle were different scribbles, lines and letters that were archaic. It was the symbol of Raphael in his attempt to bind the demon again.
  • “Shit!” Eriol barked and quickly, in one hand, pushed himself out of Raphael’s hold with an energy blast that ignited fire around the archangel’s body.
  • Raphael dropped, both knees against the floor, and hastened to subdue the rising flames by summoning the divine air circulating around his enormous white wings. He felt the sting of the burn however, and this made him glower at the demon. He was not going to let this entity escape again. Not this time. Not any other time. Especially knowing that he has a disturbing plan to bring chaos on the poor souls of the human world.
  • To Eriol, he was greatly dumbfounded. What a surprising turn of event it was. First, finding out about the exorcist priest’s real form and then, this — his most hated nemesis suddenly appearing, poised and ready to dance a waltz with him.
  • He sought to escape from the two opposing forces, foxtroting himself away from both of them, but Cirrus was quick to move and fastened his arms around his waist.
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