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Chapter Sixteen: Tormenting Himself True

  • “We will go to the Apostolic Palace tomorrow,” Father Azrael said it to no one in particular, but he eyed Aurora specifically. They were eating their meal in a rounded black Carrara marble table, complete with matching black cushioned seats in antique finish. It was a sumptuous feast, well-suited for a strikingly designed dining area.
  • It was a very spacious room painted with wood brown and ivory. Spotlights illuminated the corners of the walls and the rectangular-shaped fish tank that separated the dining area and the kitchen. On the twelve o’clock position sat Father Azrael where he could view the turquoise swimming pool through a glass panel. On the dextral side, sat Aurora, and Marcus, right next to her. A connecting door in the left side provided an entrance into the wine cellar, and on the right, the doorway to the kitchen.
  • They both looked up, trying to listen intently on what the priest was talking.
  • “Aurora, the Holy Pope wants to see you,” he added which brought the woman on the verge of surprise. Marcus choked on a cauliflower he just gobbled and gave his big sis a nudge on her rib.
  • “Hu...h? As in, Pope Benedict the First?!”
  • Father Azrael hid a smile, amused by her reaction. “Yes, Pope Benedict the First,” he echoed playfully. “We will go to Vatican tomorrow because he wants to talk to you.”
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