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Chapter Fourteen: In Roma With You

  • Clave Estate, City of Adelheid
  • Years Before
  • “NO!” A woman wailed in desperation. She was embracing her six-year-old daughter tightly around her arms. Her tears made a small continuous river in her cheeks.
  • “We can’t do anything. Our daughter has the mark,” her husband stated who was within his own state of depression. He was Thadeus Karl Clave, the Duke of Earle, in the City of Adelheid, located in the border between Naples and Bari, Italy.
  • “But she is just a child, Thadeus! How can she live a normal life if this demon mark is plastered permanently in her body?!”
  • The little girl was innocent on what her parents were talking. She just continued playing with her unicorn toy amidst being pinned tighter on her mother’s bosom.
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