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Chapter Forty-Two: A Bond Between Cousins

  • Azienda Sanitaria Locale Hospitale was just a fifteen-minute drive from the Clave Estate. This was where Collete was brought by his father and Monsignor Nicholas last night. Lucky enough, she was immediately transfused with two units of packed red blood cells to combat and stop the progression of hemorrhage. Some deep lacerations in her sternal and ulnar regions were stitched up nicely by the surgeon and the other superficial ones were treated with first aid.
  • The whole night, Collete was unconscious, but she was breathing properly.
  • Although the situation was stable, Duke Heilwig and Monsignor Nicholas took turns in taking care and guarding her. Fear and apprehension were still present inside them knowing that it was a demon possession case and not just any natural cause of hospitalization.
  • It was past nine in the morning when Aurora and Cirrus arrived in Collete’s room. Their belongings were left inside the corvette as they were leaving Adelheid after the hospital visit.
  • “Uncle,” Aurora called out softly the moment she entered the private room. She was wearing the clothes that she wore on her first day of travel going to the Clave Estate. Together with her was Father Azrael who wore a common shirt and blue jeans. He remained standing in the doorway, crossing his arms on his chest while Aurora continued her way towards the old man.
  • Duke Heilwig stood from his seat when he saw them and went to embrace Aurora in welcome.
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