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Chapter Forty-Five: Return To Traugott Residence - Part 3

  • Apostolic Palace
  • Office of the Holy See, Vatican City
  • “Didn’t I tell you to be discreet? What did you do this time to make a huge crater in the middle of the Clave Estate forest?” Pope Benedict asked right after the exorcist priest sat on a chair near his office table. Throwing a scrutinizing eye, he awaited for him to answer the truth.
  • “I ran into trouble with the demon of lust,” Father Azrael said coolly, crossing his legs and staring at the old man with reservation.
  • The Holy Pope eased his back against the cushioned chair and placed his hands on his abdomen. “Hmm...” he released a throaty grumble, “So that’s why... You have a good alibi though, better than the great blackout in Maryland,” he remarked, grinning and shaking his head as a sign of momentary amusement. The asteroid excuse sure was a good hit with the media, he was actually pleased with it. When he relaxed, his gray-amber eyes rested on the younger priest with great depth. “Now, what have you learned about the demon mark? Where you able to find answers there?” he asked, interested.
  • “I did uncover a lot of secrets and answers that would explain Aurora’s current situation, but if you are pertaining on how to take the demon mark off of her, no...there is no answer in there,” he answered with a hint of disappointment.
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