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Chapter Fifty-Two: Bell Tower of Love - Part 1

  • Office of the Bishop, Archbishop Palace
  • Minutes Before The Vanishing
  • “So how was Marcus’ training so far Father?” Bishop Elliot asked as he poured a bottle of Laird of Cusenier on his own snifter. He invited his co-priest to have a glass too, but Father Azrael silently declined with a brief raise of a hand. Bishop Elliot understood it, aware that he preferred a milder form of the liquor. He stood up, opening a perfectly-aged wine from a cabinet behind him and then poured a generous amount in Father Azrael’s cognac glass. The exorcist priest smiled, pleased with it. An age-old wine was not something to be denied even for a thousand years old demon like him. He certainly enjoys fine pleasures such as these.
  • “ far it was good, Bishop,” Father Azrael stated, sitting in a chair in front of the bishop’s office desk. His arms were on both sides of the armrest. His legs crossed casually. He was calm and composed. He didn’t find it talking with the senior priest about Marcus’ training stressful or worrisome. In reality, he was even happy to be able to report something to him.
  • “The boy is easy to teach. He is very attentive and he learns very quickly. You can see that he is really determined,” he added, whilst taking his glass from the desk and smelt the wonderful aroma of the classic liquid.
  • “That’s good news!” the old man replied. “Marcus is a special boy. I knew it the first time I saw him in the orphanage house while he was helping Aurora with the chores.” He drank his brandy heartily and smacked his lips right after. What a lovely feeling it was; the distilled liquor was pleasantly burning inside his stomach.
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