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Chapter Fifty-Three: Bell Tower of Love - Part 2

  • Gravity...
  • Compact, palpable gravity was isolating towards only one person and it was the man now closing in on Aurora. She couldn’t do anything, but cry even more. How was he able to find her? It was a question not relevant anymore. What was important was his presence and that he has come to take her away from this hell of a place.
  • “Cirrus!!” Aurora breathed his name out like it had a spirit on its own. She jumped up to her feet without a second thought, and even though she had dawdled guiding herself across the rocky ground awhile ago, she now carelessly bolted herself towards him; the worry of tripping over a rock was lodged in the back of her mind.
  • With arms wide open, Cirrus welcomed her warmly. The dampness of their clothes didn’t even hinder it. He drew her closer to him, wanting to feel her presence more. This was real. She was real. In his arms again. Cheek to cheek, he felt the wetness of her tears and rain mixed together.
  • “Aurora, dammit! Why do you keep on worrying me!” he complained whilst sliding his fingers in between the wet strands.
  • “I’m sorry—I’m sorry...” she answered in desperation, feeling dizzy all of a sudden. Cirrus’ presence made her feel that way. Like the relief of having him finally near her made her blood pressure lower down almost in an instant.
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