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Chapter Fifty: Reunions, Welcomes And A Piece of Meat

  • They arrived in the Archbishop Palace just right after four in the afternoon with Mr. Sherd --Bishop Elliot’s driver -- driving them from the Soren Airport with the limousine. When they got out of the car, Aurora nudged at Father Azrael’s left elbow immediately to catch his attention. He shifted his head to look at her while they walked towards the iron-wrought door.
  • “There is something I need to tell you,” she whispered, eyeing the opening at the end of the courtyard. The valuable clue she had was an important matter for him to know as soon as possible.
  • “What is it about Aurora?” he asked, putting a hand on her waist. She immediately let out a short gasp, not expecting his touch.
  • The simple gesture made her produce a blush. They had been off limits to any display of affection since they left the Traugott Residence. Being in this position now was giving her some renewed tactile sensations.
  • Taking a few quick breaths, it calmed her nerves and the wild thumping in her chest. “It’s-it’s about this,” she said, lifting up the research folder she had been keeping since they disembarked the plane.
  • Giving it a once-over and taking the folder out of her hand, Father Azrael said in a lowered tone, “Not here Love. We need a private place to discuss that.”
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