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Chapter Fifty-Four: Dreams for Clues

  • Cirrus’ hair grew long and silvery. His eyes too glowed a deep red and gold. He was showing his true self on her again, knowing that she loved him as himself. She loved him not because of his priestly side... not as being an overprotective bastard... not even as her personal hero... not even as being one hell of a great lover in bed... but him as him.
  • Demons don’t deserve love. They don’t deserve anything at all even. But here was Aurora, a human, who gave it to him most willingly and heartily, asking nothing in return.
  • “I apologize for making you wait,” Aurora stated with a hint of guilt.
  • Gods, she was not the type of woman who loves exchanging I love you’s here and there. She hasn’t even remembered someone saying those words to her other than Cirrus. An orphan, being in an orphanage house, especially one that was deprived of their parents attention, meant that he or she was not worthy of any love. Aurora lived in one for many years and never had felt that emotion; only the value of family, caring and charity, kindness and honesty were taught by the nuns there.
  • Love — they say would come naturally. One that is not forced. One that came from the depths of the heart. One that is unconditional. One that is true. And this one... was budding inside her. One that Cirrus simply watered in order to bloom beautifully.
  • “Aurora, I don’t care if I wait a thousand years or more,” he answered, adjusting his position to sitting so that his naked chest would touch her bare back. The way his strong forearms wrapped around her, it covered her breasts in the most inviting way possible. “As long as I hear it from you, it’s enough for me,” he added, whispering the words right in her ear. In their front, the opening showed a bird’s eye view of the town below. Even though the moderate rain and the fog partially blurred it, the scene was still beautiful to behold.
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