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Chapter Fifty-Eight: Speak Softly Love

  • The double doors closed by itself as soon as Cirrus spun her around, his expression a cross between worry and confusion. His brows almost joined together. His forehead showed a heavy wrinkle. His mouth pressed firmly in place.
  • Aurora welcomed him with a good frown that equaled his own, but the intensity in her eyes won every facial expression he had as it exuded undeniable anger.
  • Angry. Yes.
  • She was angry.
  • It wasn’t like her to throw tantrums. It wasn’t like her to imitate a childish prattle. It wasn’t even like her to yell at someone when angry, but for Cirrus, for him, it was an exception. Definitely an exception.
  • She needed to make her point known. She needed to make this God-damned demon understand how hopeless she felt right now.
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