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Chapter Fifteen: When a Demon Tells the Truth

  • The Traugott Residence was enormous, sitting in nine and a half acres of land. It was located in a countryside, just a kilometer away from the Vatican City. The house was surrounded with green lush trees and gated with a black iron-wrought gate so classic-looking that Aurora thought they were actually going inside a castle. The limousine was parked right at the entrance door of the house which had a wide portico with four marble columns on each corner.
  • “I didn’t know a priest could own this big of a mansion!” Marcus commented as he peered through the side window of the car, his eyes beaming with delight. Aurora curved a smile when she heard it. Truly, what Father Azrael said in the Palace dinner that time about his house was perfectly an understatement.
  • “Welcome to the Traugott Residence Ms. Aurora, Marcus. Shall we enter?” Heron asked looking over his shoulder into the passenger seat.
  • They both nodded in unison and quickly slid out of the car.
  • Immediately, two maid servants approached them and took their baggage from the trunk. Observing the facade of the house, what Aurora noticed instantly was the large mahogany entrance door flanked by two sculpted seraphim angels. It was an expected sight as the owner was basically a priest. When she entered, what greeted her was a wide vestibule, boasting a high sky ceiling with three grand-scale crystal chandeliers hung on specific corners.
  • The sky ceiling was a beauty to behold. She believed that if she was seeing the breathtaking panorama of the clear blue sky at this very hour, how much more beautiful would it be when she gets to view the blanket of stars at night? The lobby was spacious and they could see the color white as the dominant interior paint. Beige, white and gold furniture were also seen, and on the right side was the grand marble staircase.
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