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Chapter Eleven: The Empty Book

  • Aurora woke up earlier than usual, feeling unrested. It was still a quarter before six in the morning. Throughout the night, she felt uneasy and restless, with her thoughts constantly replaying the scene in her room with Father Azrael. She would have wanted to sleep the whole morning, but knowing there were a lot of preparations to do for the festivity, she got up in the end.
  • First things first, she needed to go back to her room to bathe and change her clothes, but with Father Azrael probably still sleeping there, it would be hard for her to do that. What would she do if she finds him half-naked again? Last night was already awkward enough, another event like that wouldn’t be good. And with the kiss they shared too, going inside her room now would be suicidal for surely her heart would stop beating.
  • In the middle of her musings, she heard a knock on Sister Cene’s door. Not wanting to arose the Mother Superior who was still sleeping on the other side of the bed, she quickly got up, crossed the office and opened the door.
  • “Aurora, good morning,” Sister Rhea greeted with a sweet smile.
  • “Good morning Sister Rhea,” Aurora smiled back.
  • “Is the Mother Superior already awake?”
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