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Chapter Eighteen: That Damn Turtleneck Dress

  • “Madame Niena, I’m coming. Please have my room ready for me. Instruct also the maids to bring a cool bowl of water with towel and a pitcher of cold water,” Father Azrael sharply commanded under his mouthpiece. He was not one to bring cellphones along with him, but luckily, the limousine had a feature to make direct calls in a touchscreen monitor.
  • “Yes, Father Azrael. I will, but uhm...what is the bowl of water and a towel for?” the woman replied in the other line.
  • “You will see when I arrive there. Please wait for me at the parking lot,” was his short reply before he hung up.
  • He swerved and weaved himself out of the traffic and into a secluded street, focusing on the road ahead, but keeping a constant eye on Aurora who was still unconscious. Hopefully, the coolness of the air conditioner inside the car would lower the heat of her body even if it would be just a little. It was still important however to take the God-forsaken dress out of her and he knows that for a fact even if he was no medical practitioner.
  • The nearest hospital in the Vatican City was over 1.5 kilometers away, and he disliked such places too, so he decided to bring her to his suite. It was just a five-minute drive towards the building. When he arrived at the basement parking lot reserved only for him, Madame Niena was already waiting with a maid in her side.
  • Madame Niena was the head of the hotel, the Relais Vatican View. She has Asian features as she was a Korean, but was happily married to an Italian man. She had been working at the hotel for twenty-long years and had known the priest for roughly three years because of a demonic possession on one of her sons. Father Azrael exorcised it out of the teenager’s body, much to the gratitude of the parents.
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