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Chapter 8 In One Basket

  • Lord of Astaroth.
  • He had held that title for centuries now, it was what had built him, it was what had made him this way, it had shaped him into the ruthless tyrant that he was now, as the unyielding and irrational ruler of this vast empire. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and the crown of Astaroth was the heaviest of the seven kingdoms, but Ryder never complained, he never did to anyone, and not because he did not have anyone to complain to or anything to complain about, but because he was him, he was Ryder Axeris d’Croix, he was Lord Ryder Axeris d’Croix of Astaroth, he had made a reputation for himself and he was more than capable of dealing with whatever came his way, and he had done exactly that throughout the years without falter.
  • All until now. All until the burden of the year of Osyron had been placed on his shoulder, and heavily too.
  • “What troubles the ruler of Astaroth?”
  • Ryder had heard and he knew who had spoken, but he remained in the same position he had been in since he had come here, his head down, held up his thumb and index fingers which pressed into the bridge of his nose, one leg which supported the hand that held his head firmly planted on the steps just below the throne he sat in, the other leg laying limp, and his eyes closed. He took in a breath.
  • “Lyra of Dragonsbane,”  Ryder spoke in his thoughts, not wanting to speak out. “The Khione girl of Dragonsbane troubles me.”
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