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Chapter 11 Bullied

  • He didn’t know why he was feeling restless.
  • Ryder stood outside the front door, looking up into the sky. He took in a deep breath and let it out heavily. The army of Rocheveron and the ruckus they were causing at the Eldham border, he had been quiet about it for long, and that was what fueled their courage. He was not one to be quiet but he had other things to deal with, other things more important than going there himself to quiet things down. He believed in the capability of his soldiers there, Rocheveron would never be able to take control over Eldham no matter the number of attacks they staged.
  • He looked down to the horses ready in front of him, he had a little free time in his hands now, so he could spare to go to Eldham, his presence there would settle a lot of things without him having to lift up a sword. Most of what distracted him from going there had been settled now and top on that list had been Lyra. And speaking of Lyra, that dress she had worn today for breakfast… he could not get the image of her in that dress out of his head. Sure he had seen Iris wear the dress on several occasions, but it never did pull his attention quite as it did with Lyra.
  • He frowned when he sensed Xanth coming up to him from behind, he knew it had been his plan. The little devil.
  • “Ryder…”
  • “You purposely picked out that dress for her.” It was not a question, and he did not sound angry. Didn’t sound too pleased about it either.
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