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Chapter 10 Down For Breakfast

  • She was woken up early.
  • It was the first time since she had gotten here that she was being woken up and bathed and dressed by the servant girls like she was being prepared for something, an event? Kind of like how she was used to being treated back in Dragonsbane. But then unlike Dragonsbane, she never wore such items of clothing as it was not custom there. She was, most especially not used to it, but then she also knew better than to complain now.
  • “Tezani, this dress?” She asked the servant girl whom she had come to know and like among all the others.
  • Tezani turned to her, having in her hand a beautiful, well-fashioned sandal. She smiled at Lyra and pulled her to sit in front of the mirror so she could fit her legs into the sandals. “You have been in Astaroth for days, and this will be the first time since you came here that the family would be having breakfast together, Lord Ryder himself has asked that you be present.”
  • She mouthed an “oh” and fixed her eyes on her image in the mirror, there was no joy in her eyes and she appeared rather plain, despite the ornaments that adorned her hair and the tempting shade of red which Tezani had applied to her lips. She sighed.
  • “Ryder picked out the clothes himself too?”
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