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Ruled By The Blaze (The Unwanted Marriage)

Ruled By The Blaze (The Unwanted Marriage)


Update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Unexpected News

  • Patricia’s POV
  • "I'm getting married? There's no way, mommy!"
  • I threw the folders inside my mom's office because of so much anger. I just got home from school and she called me to come straight to her office to
  • tell me the incredible thing that they were going to marry me!
  • "Honey, we will benefit from it-"
  • "Our Company will benefit! That's what you should say!" I couldn't help but scream because of his reason. "I'm too young to get married and I'm still studying! How about my dreams?"
  • "Patricia, calm down" she uttered and fix those folders that I throw earlier. "We can keep it a secret for now since you are still in school. For your friends not to find it out. Your dream will not be hampered by marriage,”
  • "Really? You're making it sound like getting married is a simple process, mom?" I massaged my temples while sitting in the swivel chair. More head hurts more. "I c-can't understand...we still have our company-"
  • "Our company is failing, Patricia" her voice was sad.
  • "We can borrow money from our relatives-"
  • "We still owe them" she cut me off.
  • "The amount of money we need is no joke. The shareholders are backing out and we are in debt. Your daddy's medications continue, add our
  • expenses at home and at your school with Jordan" I was stunned to see mommy in tears.
  • I stood up to hug her.
  • "Don't cry, please" I rubbed her back. Even though I'm mad, I don't want to see her hurt in front of me.
  • "Pat, you are our only hope," she sadly faced me. "But if you really don't want to, we won't force you. I will accept the consequences of the company,
  • but your dad? I think he can't" her eyes shed in tears.
  • "This is the only thing your grandfather inherited from him so he will not accept if he loses it. I can't also accept that our company will be good but in return is your happiness"
  • I finally heard mommy's sobs that pounded my chest. I couldn't help but feel pity as I remembered our situation now.
  • Daddy is sick and resting right now while mommy is temporarily taking care of what she says is our losing company. I am confused and scared. How about me? What about myself if I agree to what they want. I'm not even sure if this will solve our problem. I also can't bear to see daddy repent because he neglected the company and he and mommy will struggle.
  • "Hush now" guided her to the chair. I rubbed her back and handed her water.
  • I removed the hair that was blocking her face and then I stared at her face full of sadness. Red eyes and nose from crying. Darkness under the eyes due to staying up too much due to work. It was obvious that she was tired.
  • "Give me some time, mom. I'll think about what you said but I'm not promising that I agree with your plan" I said firmly.
  • Mommy looked at me in disbelief.
  • "R-Really, Pat?" her voice cheered. "Well, you still have 2 months to decide. That's just how long they gave. It's about between our family and the Velasquez's and when-"
  • "Velasquez? As in from Velasquez Industries?" I asked with a frown, making sure because I only know one Velasquez family.
  • Mommy nodded which surprised me.
  • "But, h-how?"
  • I have not met the Velasquez's in person and have only seen them in pictures, but from what I know they are really rich and known to be good in business. It's astonishing that mommy became close to them considering how well-known their family is and how many people would want to deal with them. Because their business is bigger and more powerful than ours.
  • "Long story, Pat. I hope you'll give it a chance but also remember what I said" she took a deep breath.
  • "We're not forcing you. We'll find another way if you don't want it, but if you want it…" she hesitated to smile. "Tell me right away and I'll tell you everything you need to know about them to get an idea-"
  • "I get it," I said out of frustration. "You should rest, you look tired,"
  • I chose to end our conversation because I couldn't think about everything she have said. About getting married. Until I got home, that was still on my
  • mind.
  • Mommy always came home at night, so when I got home from school, we didn't see each other and talk much, same with daddy. Since he has just recovered from his sickness, he is not able to work and usually he is only in his room, taken care of and given medicine and food.
  • Meanwhile, my brother, Jordan, who’s currently a high school student, is also always in the room, playing computer games, so I can't help but feel sad when I'm at home. I had no one to talk to so I just put up with my friends even though they were very noisy.
  • We don't have class tomorrow because it's weekend, so the following day I woke up at noon because I had gone to bed almost as early as the morning due to my numerous thoughts.
  • Out of boredom, I invited Jess, my friend, into a coffee date. We met at the coffee shop where we often go. I told her everything mommy and I talked about yesterday. About the arrange marriage thing.
  • "Oh my god! Wow! Is it really the Velasquez?! For real?" I closed my eyes because of Jess's voice.
  • She still couldn't believe it when I told her everything.
  • "Do I have to repeat it to you?" I said annoyed and took a sip of coffee.
  • "Come on, are you still going to act brat? You just slept and then waking up knowing that you're going getting married!" Jess squealed loudly and pinched my arm.
  • "What's so funny?" I asked. "Getting married is no joke, Jess. I don’t even know that the one I'm about to marry has a bad attitude, abuser and has no manners? I just wasted my time!" I preach because she seems to want me to grab that opportunity right away.
  • "Stop saying that! You don't really know the Velasquez people" she snapped. "Do you know that my cousin's friend is Mr. Velasquez’s nephew! They are said to be really elusive because almost their friends are ​​really rich! My cousin has also met one of Mr. Velasquez's son. He’s really a nice guy!"
  • I widened my eyes at Jess because she’s too loud.
  • "Your mouth!"
  • "Sorry, I was really surprised! Girl, it's Velasquez! Grab it!" she encouraged. "What a waste of opportunity! You know if I were you, I would agree immediately!"
  • "But sorry, I'm not you!" I rolled my eyes. "You know what, I told you all this so you could give me advice but, hell! Everything you say is just so
  • hilarious!"
  • I just sipped with my coffee again with too much stress. I think telling her everything was the wrong move.
  • "Duh! You already said that you have no choice! Can you afford to let your parents suffer and lose the company? Not really, right? You need a lot of money and it's just right for the Velasquez!"
  • I was exhausted. Is she really my friend? But why does she make me feel guilty?
  • "If only we could lend you money but you know that your company is bigger and we can't afford what you need"
  • "I can't. I don't want yet" I said apprehensively.
  • "What’s wrong? You're single and ready to mingle!" she answered that makes me more annoyed.
  • "That's it! That's why I'm single because I don't want to get into relationships yet mom offered me marriage right away!"
  • Mommy knew that I'm conservative. I know its messy getting into a relationship and I don't even know what it's like to have a boyfriend and she's going to get me married right away! I'm not ready and I'm even more not ready to be tied to someone I don't love!
  • "You can give it a try!" she insisted.
  • "The Velasquez’s seem to be kind and looked at their genes! Did you even see Mr. Velasquez in the picture? Even with age, he still hot just like his
  • sons! And you, you are beautiful and sexy! Seriously, just imagine what your child will look like if it happens!"
  • I blushed at what Jess was saying. She's really worthless to talk to.
  • "That wasn't one of my concerns earlier, but since you said it, I don't want it even more!" I frowned.
  • “Marriage includes having a child, Patricia! You will form your own family-"
  • "If I'm going to get married, it will be with the person I love and who loves me"
  • Her eyes narrowed at me.
  • "Not the forced one. Not like this because I know I'm going to have a hard time too. It's hard..." I sighed. "I'm going to have even more trouble if this continues. Imagine, I will be tied to who don’t love me? But maybe I also need to accept," I can't hide the sadness in my voice. "In exchange for resolving our problem is my happiness"
  • “You can't get away from that,” she remarked gravely. "I am aware that you will do as your parents ask because you fear the consequences of disobeying them."
  • "I really have no choice" I said in a weak voice.
  • I don't know how my situation got so complicated in such a short time. I had no idea that I would likewise go through what I see other people going through.