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Chapter 9

  • Paula's p.o.v
  • I sat sighing in my room for what felt like forever, I wasn't happy with Henry's words, I was very much bothered by them, but despite feeling dejected I couldn't help myself from thinking about how he looked, I didn't know if it was my eyes or my imagination but he looked very calmer than usual and so handsome, he wore his royal robes without a crown on his head, his hair was brushed back for the first time and it really suited him.
  • I stood up from my bed and picked up my veil, I covered my face and looked at my ladies who were all sleeping on their beds, I felt bad that I was still sleeping with them, technically they all deserved a room each, and my room was suppose to be Henry's but he couldn't even look at me without showing disgust.
  • I slowly walked to the door and opened it carefully after glancing behind to make sure that they were still asleep, when I went out I breathed out in relief, I looked at myself and made sure my outfit was representable then walked to Henry's room, the guards quickly stepped aside with a low bow.
  • As stupid as it was I still wanted to work out things with him, I wanted our marriage to mean something for both our sake and for our people.
  • I took in a deep breath then released it and knocked on the door.
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