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Chapter 38

  • Paula's p.o.v
  • A few months went by swiftly and there were no more troubles or arguments between Henry and me. We were so much in love and stronger than ever. I was handling my duties flawlessly despite being pregnant and near to the due date. My father, his highness usually came to pay us a visit almost every week. He was so excited about his soon to be born grandchild.
  • He spent most of his time helping out Henry and sharing his views on how to run the kingdoms. Lauren was always by my side giving me a hand whenever I needed it. And for that, I was really grateful and happy.
  • "What are you doing?" Henry asked softly behind me.
  • I glanced at him and smiled widely while showing him the little blanket I was knitting.
  • "I wanted to make something for the baby in my free time." I answered proudly.
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