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Chapter 28

  • Paula's p.o.v
  • Be happy and have the best time of your life. Those were the words I told myself when I walked into the ballroom. My Ladies were right by my side as people's eyes landed on me.
  • I took in a deep breath and walked forward. Adrean met me halfway and asked me for a dance. I agreed even though my mind was elsewhere. I hated what I felt, but I couldn't help myself. I was looking forward to seeing Henry. I knew there was no way he would come to such a ball and much worse if he knew who Adrean really was.
  • I was sad and tried my best to hide the truth, the dance ended in no time and my ladies went off to enjoy themselves.
  • The queen approached us and gave me a glass of wine to take. I tried turning her down but she insisted. I decided to take it to please her.
  • Adrean was right by my side looking all happy and very comfortable. When he left my side with his mother the queen, I breathed out in relief. Something about them felt very off. I did trust Adrean but not the queen. It's clear that she had no respect for me as a married woman, all she wanted was for me to be with her son.
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