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Chapter 26

  • Adrean's p.o.v
  • "Mother what did you do?" I asked loudly in my chambers.
  • "I told you exactly what I had told her. I said, "Please give my son a chance just for a week. If in this same one week you won't feel a thing, then I will never bring up this topic and discussion again. But if in this one week you end up feeling something for my son, then you will end your marriage with your husband and marry my son." She answered calmly.
  • "Why would you do that?" I asked in nearly a scream.
  • "Because it's what every mother would do for her son, you are in love with her and I can see it in your eyes." She answered loudly.
  • "That shouldn't concern you." I said then moved to the balcony.
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