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Chapter 14

  • Henry's p.o.v
  • I was getting confused by each passing day. What was I really doing?. At first, it all started as a game of Revenge but now I was feeling bad for ever being cold to her.
  • I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes remembering how I had met Paula.
  • Was marrying a princess from my enemies kingdom a part of my plans?. No, neither was falling in love with her. I was torn between my heart and my mind.
  • The day I had met Paula I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I could tell by the way she walked gracefully that she was the real princess not the lady who was talking to my cousin pretending to be her.
  • It was hard not to smile and welcome them in my kingdom as if everything was fine when it wasn't. That's why I had to put on a cold expression on my face. 
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