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Chapter 8 Her Loneliness, His Stalking

  • Anupama’s POV
  • The chicken burger was damn tasty but still, my heart was not elated. Not even my favorite spot in my college lept my heart into the joyous mode. I love H block’s backside garden also called storage block that has less area compared to other blocks. The boundary adored with few mast trees and sprengeri bushes along with the beautiful grassland.
  • No one comes to H block because of a girl’s student death rumor. Since then it became a devil store block. At first, I got scared and didn't even step this side but one day, I got humiliated in the class about my fatness and abruptly came here. The place soothed me and the beautiful scenery kicked my sadness. Moreover, the ghost would be nice than the living devils.
  • I munched the burger rapidly. My thoughts again wandered to Anup.
  • I mentally danced like a stupid when Anup wants to meet me. I rechecked myself whether it was one of my fantasy dreams or for real. After realizing the truth I'm ready to say yes in the first place but...
  • I chocked and drank water. I gulped hard and wiped the water on my chin with my right knuckle. Again, I took small bites.
  • ... but an unknown doubt raised in my heart. Does he hurt me like others? I know Anup for a long time and I'm sure he never judges a person by their looks and accepts them heartfully.
  • But still, I don't know...
  • I'm not an introvert nor want to hide my identity. Yes, I don’t have a real social profile but a fake one due to social bashing. I just want to ignore random netizens for my happiness. I’m a fat girl, an orphan, and alone, but the world forgot that I am a human being too. The more I understood the world, the less I expected; and started loving myself and stopped worrying about unwanted people.
  • One thing humans can never understand is no one stay with us forever and not in our hard phase of life for sure. They simply assure ‘forever’ but leave us the moment we need them. The world is revolving with this stupid funda...
  • We trust blindly but they give up easily,
  • We lose trust broken from inside,
  • Yet the stupid heart wants to lean on,
  • We cope up and start trusting again,
  • What happens...?
  • The same repeats...
  • I don't want to fall into this game. I led a lonely life and if the future plans the same then I’m happy to welcome it. A happy alone life with no expectations but with lots of food. The cool breeze shivered me, I felt wetness on my cheek so touched it with my left knuckle. Thanks to my tears, always stay with me. They take away the burden in my heart and bring back my smile. I wiped them with the tissue, heaving a long sigh, and ate my burger.
  • Anudeep's POV
  • H block always helps me to receive the call as the Dean. Once upon a time, this single floored block was an IT workshop. Thanks to the imaginary girl who died here. Sorry, no offense but people love to drown in rumors than to accept the fact.
  • A few years back, an employee lost his wife and senses too. He started imagining his wife everywhere. The students took it otherwise and spread the stupid rumor. Princy Uncle held some rituals to shoo away the demons for the people’s satisfaction but still, the block leftover.
  • I'll make this block as my office after I become the official Dean. I smirked and lazily strolled towards the right side of the block to the backside garden. I like this peaceful garden and love to sit on the corridor steps. Even my Teddy Bear comes here often.
  • ‘Wait... I’m not daydreaming, right?’
  • My green Teddy Bear sat at the left corner of the block, munching furiously. She eats furiously only in a sad or foul mood. To confirm it, I tiptoed slowly towards the bushes without her notice. I got habitual to stalk her hiding behind something or other. She never observes her surroundings which scare the hell out of me. If someone harms or kidnap her? When will she learn to be attentive?
  • I opened the video camera on my phone and zoomed it. She sat on the steps, elbows on knees, eating the burger sadly drowned in another world. So, I was right! And I can clearly see the tear stains on her soft cheeks. The sight pricked my heart.
  • I hate to see her alone and sad. She won’t share her pain with anyone, I mean there was no one to listen to her pain. Even I faced it years back but I’m not strong like her and changed to this stupid lean self. I’m not happy but still, I want to be like this forever.
  • Since morning she was sad and out of the world. Is it because of me? I was planning to meet her finally as Anudeep but I didn't think of her feelings. I should have taken it slow. Taking a deep breath, I tiptoed to the way I came from and bustled to the left side of the block.
  • Her back was facing to me, I was a few feet away from her. I halted and made my breath even. It's clearly visible that she was devastated. I never saw her sad for a long time. I don't mind if she mistook me but right now she needs someone.
  • Making footsteps sound, I strolled to her lazily. I halted to her left side, she was three steps down to me, she didn’t move a bit. So, I stepped down and sat to her left side keeping my left foot on the third step down to me and right on the second step. She was still in her world, taking a continuous small bite without gulping the stuff in her mouth.
  • She was my perfect replica. A few years back, I would exactly eat like her in my grumpy mood, I miss myself. My mouth watered looking at the yummy burger.
  • 'Why the hell did you sat next to her?'
  • I came back from my food paradise and examined her. Her long eyelashes were blinking with rhythm, her soft bubbly dimple cheeks filled with the food, and those alluring luscious pink lips were making me crazy. There was sauce at the corner of her lip, I want to lick it. I just want to eat her the same way she was eating the burger. Slow, steady, and...
  • ‘God, what the hell, I’m thinking at this moment?’
  • My Teddy Bear's cuteness was overloaded and I can’t stop ogling at her.
  • ~ζ~ζ~ζ~