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Chapter 3 His Melody Booster

  • Anudeep's POV
  • CuteMelody: Hey Anup... Hw r u? ☺️
  • A smile played on my lips looking at her message. Keeping the book aside, I took the phone stretching my legs in a criss-cross position, leaned onto the headboard, and texted Cute Melody - my greatest fan in the world.
  • AnupWithSong: Hi dear Melody :-h I'm fine how about you? :D
  • Currently, I need the inspiration to pen a song. She is peace to my un-tuned heart and always texts me at the right moment.
  • CuteMelody: Yup... Me fine ;;) u gonna upload the song this week right...? (8)
  • 'This girl is crazy.'
  • I shook my head, chuckling. I didn't upload a song for two months due to hectic college work but Melody was pestering me to upload one. I can't blame her, I became a top YouTube singer only because of her support and encouragement.
  • I felt the vibration on my palm.
  • CuteMelody: U there ....? :s
  • AnupWithSong: Oh ya I'm sry Cutie:p Thinking about the song (8)
  • CuteMelody: Really :x kk... I'll not disturb u... Continue ☺️
  • I heaved a disappointed sigh. How can she be my disturbance? I had a secret crush on her until my Angel immigrated into my lonely life.
  • AnupWithSong: Do u really think that u disturb me :@ Ur my inspiration dear >.D:D