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Chapter 2 His Teddy Bear

  • Anudeep's POV
  • Already I was late to see my Angel and this Navnita ma'am was hitting on me with her not so sexy attitude. She knew that I'm too young for her but still trying her best to seduce me. I tried a lot to be patient but lost it, finally.
  • "Excuse ma'am, I'm getting late for the class," I bustled to the class without listening to her screeches.
  • I don't care a foot and I'll see her end when the situation comes. Since morning, I was eagerly waiting to see my Angel as today my subject was the last period. I halted in front of the classroom to make my breath even. Without making any noise, I stepped inside.
  • My heart leaped into a melodious rhythm looking at my Angel's beautiful dimple smile. Her beautiful round eyes were shining brightly, her alluring luscious pink lips invited me to chew them hard. Like always, I want to dive in her dimpled cheeks.
  • But the reality hit me.
  • She was smiling at that stupid Naveen. My jealousy hiked boiling my blood; I want to punch him hard. I don't want my Angel to choose him over me. I'm not a controlling freak nor the male ego. I just want to be the reason for her smile, her happiness, and support her, pamper her, love her, and be her everything. I want to wipe away the sorrow in her life by giving all the happiness in the world.
  • 'Will, that even happen?'
  • Everyone became silent noticing my presence, my Angel smile widened looking at me. I gave a formal smile controlling my grin and went inside. Damn, she was looking cute and sexy in the blue colour like my very own blue Teddy Bear.
  • What a coincidence? Even she wore blue but a different shade. I accept, sometimes I sound like a girl but I'm in love and who cares about my stupidity. I want to hug and twirl her in the air till my backache. I stopped daydreaming, starting the class.
  • Her intense gaze was piercing my back. I knew that she has a crush on me like other girls in the college but I'm scared to talk to her. Many times, I tried in these four months but miserably failed.
  • 'What if she mistook my character?'
  • I don't want to take that risk. I can stay away and love her till my last breath. I got habitual to be alone and will be until fate meets us. I continued the class kicking away all the other thoughts.
  • I inherited teaching skills from my Nanna(father). Thanks to my Angel, finally using them. Finally, the bell rang. Today, at any cost, I need to work on my next song. I glanced at her once, those beautiful round eyes adoring me with ease. I smiled and bustled to the office room to complete the sign out formalities. I hooked on to my sexy bike and drove off home.
  • How does it feel to take my Angel for a long drive? When she hugs me tightly, her soft body fondled to my hard one and...
  • 'Okay Anup, now focus on the road, or else...'
  • Nope, remember Maa(mother) words. Never possess negative thoughts in your brain while driving. I smiled, remembering her voice, and drove back to the home safely.
  • I got fresh up and came to the kitchen. The fridge was filled with my favorite food. I took my favorite Bournville Raisin & Nuts Dark chocolate, a cool drink, and went to my music room - Rhythm Land, my second bedroom. I sat comfortably on the bed unwrapping the chocolate. I moaned in delight, my taste buds begged me to stuff the whole chocolate at once. I know its difficult to stuff whole of it at once but foodie like me don't care about the possibility except to devour the food.
  • 'God, I need to control my cravings or else...'
  • Let's not think about the past and enjoy the chocolate Anup. I licked my fingers not caring to wipe with a tissue and thought to pen a few words for the song but my mind was blank.
  • A message popped in Google Hangout and I knew who it was. I peeked at my phone with a wide grin.
  • ~ζ~ζ~ζ~